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Arria Owlia
A passionate developer, Arria has worked with and led teams and products across the spectrum from startups to Fortune companies. He's been directly hands-on with 50+ products and apps, crafting unforgettable experiences that have reached billions of users.
Full Stack (Front- and Back-end)
React, Next.js, NodeJS, AWS, MongoDB, Swift
Building projects with the latest iterations of React, Next.js, and NodeJS with ease. Add in the reliability of platforms like AWS and MongoDB to spring your product to the top. As a constant learner, I've used most prominent frameworks and languages out there.
Web3/Digital Collectibles
A still-nascent technology and industry, blockchain (EVM) development requires consistent attention to stay updated. Using standards at the forefront of innovation, like Account Abstraction/ERC-4337, I know my way sufficiently well around smart contract development.
One of the most important qualities in a leader is consistency. I've taken this principle to heart in my roles such as Team Lead and Head of Mobile.
Where is your target audience spending their time? Meet them halfway and make it worth their time! I've taken products from 0-to-1 and learned several lessons and insights critical to growth.
Emerson Automation Solutions
Content Views
20+ Billion
Peak App Store Rank
#2 Overall
Code Contributions
1st Program Written
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